Dr. Nigel Armstrong

What it can do for me

I asked one of students, Dr. Nigel Armstrong who visits me every year for about a month from Australia to learn, practice and develop Zhao Bao Tai Chi ; as to what Zhao Bao Tai Chi chuan has done for him. These are his comments in which below :

I like to thank Master Kwan for the opportunity to comment on what Zhao Bao Tai Chi has done for me. Firstly, by way of introduction I was introduced to Zhao Bao Tai Chi whilst visiting Hong Kong in 2004, and upon watching the set performed, experiencing its power I changed from practicing Yang style Tai Chi to Zhao Bao Tai Chi, Why ?

The benefits of practicing Zhao Bao Tai Chi are as follows:

(1) Exercise

Practicing Zhao Bao Tai Chi involves physical and mental exercise.

(i) Physical benefits

Physical exercise is very important for humans, not only as a positive orientation to health, for most of us have sedentary occupation but also an expression ? of disease prevention, e.g. Type 2 Diabetes. Health Promotion Centre in all countries, advise their citizens to do at least 1/2 hour of regular exercises every day.

Practicing the set of Zhao Bao Tai Chi through the whole body movement has definitely improved my

  • Cardiovascular fitness – its slow, continuous and sinuous movement are a form of isometric exercise
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle conditioning
  • Core body strength – in one sense it is almost like an Eastern form of piliates.

(2) Mental benfits

Practicing Zhao Bao Tai Chi is very relaxing for me, and is a form of stress relaxation; this is very important for me since my work as a Psychiatrists. It is important for me to inject quality time, which is separate from my work time, into my life. To advance in Art of Zhao Bao Tai Chi requires the practitioner to develop their power of concentration, a relaxed attitude, a calm and determined mind which is required to do the set accurately.

Practicing the set of Zhao Bao Tai Chi, which can be done alone in a park without any Gym requirement and also push hands ; as well a the martial art application enhances his physical and mental benefits of doing Zhao Bao Tai Chi.

(3) The Other Benefits of doing Zhao Bao Tai. Chi for me include:

  • Intellectual pleasure of attempting to master an ancient sophisticated Chinese martial art system knowing that in the process one’s physical and mental is enhanced as you practice overtime into old age.
  • And the simple pleasure of doing something that I enjoy, which is different from work, giving me more energy for living.